Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank you Notes

Writing Personal Notes that build Professional Relationships.....

On the surface, a thank-you note may seem like a small piece of the larger networking picture, but on a deeper level, the thank-you note refreshes someone's memory and lets you discreetly remind them of your strengths. Remember, we live in a world of voice and electronic messaging - a personal, handwritten note on an attractive card immediately grabs the attention, curiosity and appreciation of your reader.

But perhaps you are daunted by that expanse of white space... you are wondering how to actually write ...not something we do so much of these days.. And, of course, crafting a thank you note in a business context is not in quite the same league as those thank you notes you used to dash off to Aunt Whatshername when you were a child (and your mum was nagging you to do this .... remember ?!!)

Just be yourself and write to say that the conversation was most intresting and you would enjoy continuing it at a mutually convenient moment. Include a personal element - refer to something that the person told you about - a family issue, an upcomong vacation, a particular interest or pastime. When reminding them of you, try to strike just the right balance between discretion and self-promotion. People like to buy, not be sold. And of course, end with more thanks and your contact info.

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