Saturday, March 15, 2008

Consulting versus Coaching

I found this on a website the other day - it's so apt:

How is coaching different than consulting or therapy?

Imagine that you’re goal was to compete in the Tour de France.

As your coach we would ask: "Great, so what is standing in your way?”

You reply, "I can’t ride a bike."

A therapist's response might be to ask you to find a time where the resistance/fear to bike riding first occurred? What happened, who was there, what was said?

A consultant might measure your leg, and then measure the length of the seat to the pedal, draw you a diagram of your leg, the pedal and wheel and leave you with you a how-to manual including a detailed description of the theory of motion and physics.

A coach response might be this:
"If you are willing to get on the bike and start pedaling I am committed to holding the back of your seat and running beside you until you can balance yourself and maneuver the bike safely"

In coaching, we don’t focus on what was and we don’t leave you with “how-to” manuals. We do what needs to get done to help you meet your goals.

If you are ready to get on the bike then contact gspinsights.

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