Thursday, April 24, 2008

Generating Traffic

Here are three free ways to get traffic:

1) Post in forums, with a link to your site in your forum signature. That “sig” is likely to get you some click-through traffic, if what you say is compelling enough. (HINT: You could tell them about your free offer!)

2) Write short articles and publish them for free at sites like You’ll put a link to your site in your author box at the end of the article, which most article sites encourage. You might say something like this:

3) Create what’s called a lens at That site lets you create your own page (they call it a lens), much like a blog. Then you can link to any other site you want. You could create a lens, describe your free offer, give people a link to your site and see your traffic soar.

All of those techniques will give you high-quality inbound links to your site, which will help you Google PageRank.

A side benefit of all of those strategies is that search engines like Google love sites with frequently changing content. Forums, article sites and especially Squidoo all fit the bill. Google loves them. So you’ll probably get an extra SEO boost for any keyword you put in your link text in your forum sig, your article author boxes, or your Squidoo links.

“Michael Rasmussen wrote this article. If you liked it, there’s more where that came from! Visit to read more, and get a free list-building kit just for stopping by.”

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