Friday, April 18, 2008

Using Ecademy to drive business to your website

Here are some ideas for driving visiters from your Ecademy profile to your website.

Update your status whenever you have the opportunity and include your web address. Click this link to see what I mean. Why is this a good idea ? Because Google spiders the status page and follows the link to your site.

In your profile, use your keyphrases to link to your website. Click this link to see the links I have set up at the beginning of my profile.Google spiders profiles so if your keyphrases point to relevant pages on your site this helps in your Google rankings.

If you post an ad in Marketplace use a keyword in your ad title and then repeat it in the test with a link to your website. Not only will this be picked up by Google but non-Ecademy members can find you.

These suggestions came from Nikki Pilkingtons Blog - 299 Steps to Website Heaven.

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