Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to protect your work

I was just reading an interesting post on Mari Smith's blog - How not to do business on Facebook or anywhere about someone who plagiarised all her work. This prompted me to make the following comment on her post:

A variation on a similar theme - I used to do a lot of feasiblility studies and business plans.I once found that a client had revised the 3 year financial projections I had prepared to make the project profitable (and therefore eligible for a grant) when it was destined to be a major loss maker ... fortunately the person reviewing the document knew me and knew that I would never have produced some optimisitic figures. This scared the heck out of me though ... naively perhaps but it had never occurred to me that someone would take my work and then change it and present as my professional judgement in order to raise financing. I also experienced someone using my CV and adding me as a consultant adviser in order to win a contract without my knowledge or consent. I have not figured out how to avoid this - short of restricting my work to business coaching.

Does anyone have suggestions ?

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