Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mindset is so important

I read a great blog post today that set me thinking: launching and/or growing a business is not just about feasiblity studies, biz plans, road maps and marketing strategies it's also mindset - in fact one could perhaps argue that mindset is more important than all the others.

The blogpost is about walking on water (in a metaphoric way)and starts with a joke about three Buddhist monks - two of whom walk across the lake to the monastery and the third one keeps sinking into the lake each time he tries to walk across. Eventually the first monk says to the second one "Do you think we should we tell him where the stones are ?". The blog post takes the idea of stones which enable us to 'walk on water' - stones that are vital to the success of any business venture. These include:

Walk With Open Arms

Walk with Unwavering Faith

Walking Starts With A Single Purposeful Step

Walk With Courage

Walk With Awareness

Gain Speed With The Flow

Go read the entire article (Walk on Water) - its thought-provoking.

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