Friday, April 3, 2009

It's been a year

Yep, its a year since I started to build friends on Facebook. Today I went up to 2,800 friends. This has been achieved by selectively inviting people who make interesting, intelligent comments on walls, people who have a similar business to mine (business coaching & consulting and information products) or accepting some of the numerous requests that I get with as much discernment as is possible.

So what have I gained from Facebook ?

A great transcriptionist, Cynthia Bull who was recommended to me by Diane Conklin

Laurie Hayes (the Home Based Business Source)with whom I have shared information and bounced ideas

Andrea Stenberg (Babyboomer Entrepreneur) who I met when she was up in Montreal last Summer and who I am going to be sharing some ideas and plans and schemes with

Valerie Young and her wonderful Changing Course programme (which I bought)

the fantastic Lorraine Cohen whose programme Insider Tips to Shine as a Radio Guest; is awesome - I can't recommend it highly enough

Lisa Hartwell who is going to interview me later this year

Rodney Waters who has asked if he can quote from an article I co-authored "The Universality of Music and Human Rights." in connection with a concert at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas

The list goes on.

Plus I can see what my real friends are up ! And my lovely dentist can tell me off for eating maple syrup on a stick when unbeknown to me she was checking what I was up to.

So... tell me... what have YOU got from being on Facebook ? Tell us all - the good, the bad and the ugly !!

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