Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kathleen Gage removed from Facebook

Kathleen Gage has been removed from facebook. Yep.... and no-one (including her) knows why.

I know I got warnings last year when I was adding friends and I think it was because I was cutting and pasting my little spiel about myself everytime I asked someone to be my friend.

Other suspected reasons for getting into trouble on Facebook include:

- inviting people to friend but cutting and pasting the same message to each of them. Even if you top and tail to make it personalised the alogorithms see cutting and pasting as potential spamming.

- entering a URL too often in one day

- accepting too many friend requests in one day

- accepting too many invitations to join groups in one day

- sending too many messages in one day

- you become a victim of a phishing scam

- if you are a group Admin or have a Facebook page with a large
number of fans then you are much more at risk than others
because it is very easy to fall foul of Facebooks anti spam robots.

Read Kathleen's postand associated comments here.

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