Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Facebook - a WARNING

I have been reading about people getting blown out of Facebook for spamming or alleged spamming. I never thought it would happen to me. Why ? Because I do not spam and have (currently) no teleseminars or information products to sell. I invite an average of about 15 people a day to join my list of friends and I accept about 12 invitations a day. I thank people for accepting or for inviting via their wall. I do not cut and paste other than sometimes my name and URL.

Today I got a warning that my account would be disabled as I was spamming ... You bet I am offended. Worse.... I cannot even read messages let alone send any or write on walls. I have real friends, my MBA students and family among my Facebook friends so I cannot communicate with them at all.

I found this link which I suggest keen Facebookers read. Take note. Be warned.

I don't intend to go anywhere near ny Facebook account for a week or so because I have no idea whether the block is for a few hours, a few days or longer nor do I know whether every time I attempt to read a message is another nail in my Facebook coffin.

What bugs me here is that there are people out there growing their lists at hundreds a day (and more) but they don't seem to have a problem as they are there day after day.And (while I am on a roll here), there are spammers who send messages to everyone in their Facebook group. My group (Starting out in Busines) has just 11 members because I have never advertised it.

I am not a happy camper here.


Gill said...
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Gill said...

Here's what I have been able to piece together from talking to FB 'friends' who have been growing their lists at the rate of hundreds a day for marketing purposes but who have survived on Facebook. It seems that you start to get warnings about being a spammer and threats of being bounced off of Facebook if you cut and paste and/or if you include a URL. The cut and paste is a definite and it can be as innocuous as writing a personalised message and then pasting your name and some information underneath it (which is what I was doing). It is essential to always type each message and cut and paste nothing. Some people are telling me not to include my URL which I was doing when I wrote on new friend's walls to thank them for joining my circle of friends.

For me, the pain with Facebook is that there are no clearly set out rules. I would pay to be on it as I find it heads and shoulders above LinkedIn and Ecademy however the owners seem to prefer free membership but operate with unwritten rules.

I would direct anyone and everyone to the teachings of brian Campbell and Travis Greenlee who are both 'friends' of mine on Facebook.